Mar 3, 2015

What to consider before dating an engineer

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Dating an engineer is not a joke. You also need to live up to their expectations. You also need to offer something to the other party. Otherwise, you will just be left hanging on your date.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when you actually date an engineer. For instance, time can be a problem with engineers. If you expect to take most of his or her time, then you might be disappointed. Engineers are very busy persons. Most of them have a lot on their plate. You just cannot demand a lot of time from an engineer. Therefore, you need to be very understanding when it comes to time. Do not expect that your date will drop everything just because you need to see him or her. You should also consider that engineering can be a very hectic industry. There are a lot of demands from engineers. They have a lot of projects to finish within a certain period of time. Therefore, you have to be understanding about the situation. Do not get mad just because your date will cancel due to some work-related emergency. You should learn how to properly balance your dating time in accordance with his or her schedule.

Engineers can also be nerds.

This is quite understandable because engineering is a very technical course. Everyone who graduates from that particular course is a nerd, one way or another. Therefore, you must also set your expectations straight. However, this does not mean that engineers are highly boring people. This is so far from the truth. Even if most of them are nerds to a certain level, they also know how to have fun. In fact, most of them are very loose and fun-loving people. You just really need to learn how to love the things that they are fond of. Try to find a middle ground. This way, you can look for an activity or a hobby that best suits both of you.

In sum, you should just really date someone whom you get along with. An engineer really has the same personality as individuals from other professions do. You just need to find common ground and learn how to enjoy each other’s company.


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