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Bathroom Remodeling Coral Gables

The bathroom of your home should be more than just a place to relieve yourself and get clean, it should be a sanctuary where you can unwind after a long day and the place where you can re-energize in the morning. 

For some people, the bathroom may be the only place that they can really be alone in their own home. A bathroom remodel is a great way to add value to your home both for yourself and for potential buyers in the future. MT Construction Group is staffed with a team of bathroom renovation specialists who can help make your powder room the perfect place to rest and refresh.

Why You Should Hire Us

When you first decide you need a bathroom remodeled, you may think that you can do it yourself. You should know that there are a multitude of problems that you can run into along the way if you decide to tackle the renovation yourself. 

People who believe they can save money on home renovations by doing things themselves often end up with a big mess on their hands. The project may take longer than expected and if they make a critical mistake, they may end up having to hire a plumber anyway. 

The bathroom is possibly the most essential room in your house. Without it, you would not be able to live in polite society. You will need to have another bathroom to accommodate everyone in the house during the revision or you will have to stay elsewhere. If it takes longer than anticipated, it may have an adverse effect on your family’s life. 

If you hire an independent general contractor, they may not have the resources of a company that specializes in bathroom remodeling. It is better to hire a team of renovation professionals who will be organized enough to do the job right and in a timely fashion. 

Bathroom remodeling is detailed work that requires an astute understanding of plumbing. Our trained licensed contractors have years of experience as plumbers. We have remodeled many different kinds of bathrooms and plumbing systems and our team will be able to install sinks, tubs, and toilets of every variety.

What a Bathroom Renovation Entails

The first thing you will do is call us and set up a consultation for your bathroom remodeling. You will discuss your bathroom remodeling with one of our helpful consultants. They will get to know you and find out about your ideas for the ideal restroom. We will let you know your options in terms of shower styles and the different materials that we can use. We will discuss the possibility of luxury features such as a sunken tub or dual sinks. We also offer such options as jacuzzi baths and other styles of jetted tubs. We can install a bidet for your toilet, and we can also install a heated seat. We will discuss the advantages and viability of making your tub accessible. We will help you pick out bathroom tiles and decide on a color scheme as well.


Perhaps the noisiest and messiest stage of any bathroom remodeling is the demolition stage. We will need to bring a dumpster to set outside of the house. We will begin to remove old fixtures and tear out walls. Fortunately, demolition does not take very long, and we should be done in a day or two.

You will want to vacuum frequently during this stage because remodeling always creates plenty of dust. 

Installation of Showers and Tubs

The tub or shower is one of the most important things in your bathroom, and it is one of the most complicated things to install. Our plumbing specialist may have to rearrange a few pipes to make sure everything works perfectly for you.

We have many fabulous materials from which we can build your new shower. We offer plain fiberglass, sturdy porcelain, or beautiful stone, to name just a few.

Lighting Installation 

bathroom Coral Gables

The next step is to install the lighting in your bathroom. We can put in glamorous Hollywood bulbs around your bathroom mirror or provide you with a dimmer switch for soft relaxing lighting during your bath time.


Tile is our specialty, and we have many fabulous patterns and materials to choose from. We can use easy-to-clean vinyl tiles or put in long-lasting ceramic. If you are looking to give the illusion of more space, glass tiles may be the best option for you. Our contractors will make your floor look flawless whatever material you choose.

Drywall Hanging and Painting

At this stage, we will hang drywall and paint. We may need an extra day to allow for the paint to dry at this stage in the remodel. There may be some fumes during this part of the renovation as well.

Installing Cabinets and Vanities

At this stage, we will install mirrors and medicine cabinets. We can also add towel racks. You may hear quite a bit of drilling while we do this.

Installing The Toilet and Sink

The last part of the bathroom remodeling will involve installing your new toilet and sink. This involves plumbing work, and we may have to turn off the water for a little while. 

We always make sure to clean up after ourselves, so your bathroom will be spotless and ready to use when we are done.

We guarantee the quality of our work, and our contractors are all licensed and have years of experience in bathroom remodeling.

We can’t wait to get started on your new restroom, so give us a call today.

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