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Veneer Products in Miami

Offering you a uniquely elegant veneer and the charismatic bricks that you want to have at your place.

Brick by brick, installed swiftly and to your taste, we help you bring the unique charisma of real Chicago bricks into your home, office or building – with our iconic brick veneers and quick brick installation service.

Whether you want to evoke a rustic traditional setting or a classy urban mood, your charming place begin to take shape when we carefully put two bricks together with the perfect veneer to compliment them.

Real Chicago Brick Veneers

Manufactured Brick Veneers

The best prices. Guaranteed.

Our high-quality brick veneers range from $3.50/sft to $5.00/sft. Our middle cut thin sliced brick veneers are the most affordable option, cut from the middle of real Chicago bricks. These bricks are slim and lightweight, making installation a breeze.

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