Dec 10, 2018

Tips on how to choose a tile floor

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Choosing floor tile can be complex sometimes as there are lots of things you have to consider to ensure that it will fit your home decor style. That’s why upon choosing floor tiles, you must consider some factors such as the combination of the color, size, style, and even texture. But don’t worry because we have prepared some useful tips about choosing a tile floor. So, keep on reading until the end to know more about it.

Here are the tips on how to choose a tile floor:


Tiles are usually used on kitchen, bathroom, and entryway because they are durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. But still, not all tile suits every room in your house. That’s why you should choose your tile floor carefully. Think about whether your first choice for tile is safe and practical for your floors. For instance, you can use a textured tile for your shower floor instead of a smooth surface that gets slippery when wet. So, think wisely and always consider the location upon choosing what tile floor you need.


Choosing the right tile color is important as it influences the overall attitude of your room. If you want a warm atmosphere, you can use dark tiles add warmth, but make sure you have an open area and light to keep the tile color from overwhelming the palette of your living area. And if you want to make a room look larger, you can use lighter hues. Add up the energy to your home by picking the right tile floor color.


Flooring tiles are available in different patterns, that’s why you should choose a floor tile that will complement your home’s interior design. If you want a subtle look, you can use stone-patterned tiles as they can match many décor types. But don’t use patterned tile flooring if you already have a strong pattern on your walls. Why? Because this double patterning will make a room look busy, and neither design will stand out properly.


When it comes to tile flooring, size matters. Why? Because it can also influence the look of a room. For instance, large tiles can make small areas seem more expansive while small tiles can make a room feel more intimate. But unlike large tiles, small tiles have more grout lines, which can add a complex look to your room’s design. But if you want a tile which is easy and quick to install, you can go for large tiles. Decide wisely what tile floor size perfectly suits you and your needs.


Just like surface patterns, picking a tiling layout can be simple or complex as you have to consider your existing décor and think about what look you want for your room. For example, if you want to make your small room feel spacious and neat, you can use an uncomplicated tile layout such as diamond, brick, or a straight layout. These layouts work for a room that already has a complicated pattern, design, or color. But if you want to draw more attention to your floor, you can choose a bold layout like checkerboard, herringbone, or Versailles.

Give your home a makeover and just follow these useful tips we have provided upon choosing a tile floor. And surely your home will become more attracting and appealing.


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