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Transforming your backyard starts with a call to the Coral Gables swimming pool construction crew at Miami Tile & Renovation. With the help of our pool and backyard designers, you will be able to enjoy a unique and exciting environment that will allow you and your loved ones to relax, swim and host your guests in an oasis that you will love to show off.

Swimming Pool Designs

At Miami Tile & Renovation, we are convinced that a beautifully designed outdoor area is essential if you want to end up with a natural extension of your indoor living space. That is why a successful pool design will not only involve creative ideas, a thorough understanding of the limitations imposed by your land and its surroundings, and our years of experience with Coral Gables swimming pools, but will also incorporate how you want to use this new expanse. We take the time to get to know you and become familiar with your wishes, inspirations, and desires, as well as your budget. We start to work on a unique design that will satisfy you, your loved ones, and anyone who spends time with you enjoying this outdoor retreat.

Our Coral Gables swimming pool contractors always aim to build outdoor spaces that are visually stunning while also complementing the surrounding natural grounds and architectural elements of your property, as well as your personal taste and lifestyle. Call the Coral Gables pool design team at Miami Tile & Renovation today to request a free, in-home consultation and estimate to get started on the backyard of your dreams.


To start you on the road to an unforgettable experience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your favorite pool design?
  • How much of the space in your backyard are you planning on allocating to the pool?
  • Are you thinking about incorporating a waterfall or any other feature such as torches or fire pits?
  • Have you thought about the landscape design that you wish to have surrounding the pool?
  • Is there anything special that you know will make your pool your own?

Our team will show you many designs and features to see which ideas you like the most. Here are some visions to get your imagination going:

Beach Style

Although the beach is always nearby in South Florida, you may want to get a feeling for a private beach in your pool by selecting a zero-edge beach entry to the pool with several colors of mosaic installed in such a way as to create the effect of walking in from the sand.

Multiple Fire Pits

Many wonderful ideas can be incorporated into your pool, from fun slides to multiple fire pits, a diving rock, a fireplace, waterfalls, and a gathering area, just to name a few.

Home Resort

Having a Coral Gables pool area that gives you the feel of being at a luxurious resort means nobody will ever want to go on vacation. Go for a stunning resort feel with an integrated jacuzzi, an area with low water where you can install a couple of lounges to catch the sun while enjoying the view of the water, and more. Your home will truly be transformed into your private resort.

Pool Cleaning

Keep your new backyard looking as inviting as on day one by performing weekly pool maintenance to make sure the water is clean and safe. Skim off any leaves and other debris that are floating on the surface, brush sediment off the walls and vacuum the floor. Test the water and add needed chemicals.

If you want to make your life easier, ask us about robotic pool cleaners and other aids to help you enjoy a clean and safe pool for many years to come.

Swimming Pool Construction

Miami Tile & Renovation’s Coral Gables swimming pool construction team is dedicated to making the pool of your dreams a reality. We specialize in transforming unique pool designs into true outdoor sanctuaries. All work is performed in a timely and professional manner with the goal of having you enjoy your pool as soon as possible.

Once the details of the project have been decided and permits have been granted, we will begin your Coral Gables pool construction project by excavating and preparing the area for the build to begin. The shape of your new pool will be staked out to get it ready to be dug out and formed. At this point, the backhoe and dump truck will begin digging the hole and carrying away any excess dirt. The next step in the project is the plumbing under the pool, which needs to be installed and the steel is bent into place.

The gunite goes in and is applied to the steel and carved to follow the desired shape. This will be the first time you may actually be able to appreciate the final look of your pool. The ground around the pool is then graded and ready to receive the plumbing, tile, and decking material. The pool equipment is now installed, and the finishing touches start going in with the waterline tile going all around the perimeter of the pool.

Once the tiling is finished, the deck and footers take shape, as well as the cantilever forms. The deck is inspected, and concrete is laid to form a nice flat surface on top of which the acrylic can be applied and then textured and painted the color of your choice.

Now is when the job site is tidied, and the finishing touches are placed on the grade. Before the pool interior can be installed, it is necessary to clean it and install the step tile. Once the pool is filled with water, our technicians turn on the equipment and balance the chemicals. Your Miami Tile & Renovation Coral Gables swimming pool construction crew will now have finished your pool with only one thing left: for you and your family to jump in and start enjoying your private paradise!

If this picture looks attractive, wait until it happens in your own backyard! Give us a call today to get your swimming pool project started!

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