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Remodeling tends to be both exciting and intimidating. These types of projects can be a time-consuming, hefty investment you want to protect. This is why you want to work with a contractor you can depend on. Miami Tile is one of the area’s most reliable licensed and insured contractors, offering unparalleled home remodeling expertise.

Establishing Your Priorities of a Home Remodel Job

First, decide how much you can do financially and if it’s worth it for you at this time. People spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year on home renovation in the U.S. alone. A few folks would rather move than remodel, but most homeowners enjoy their house after remodeling. 

Next, you should think about a rough timeline of your goals for a couple of years down the line. The reason for this is that remodeling can dramatically increase the resale value of a property. Yet, this might not be a top priority for those that may be moving away.

Lastly, consider the potential decrease in your home’s overall maintenance costs and the different customizations that would increase the house’s comfortability. Roofing, drainage, windows, and doors are some of the items that can be addressed to reduce maintenance.

Renovations can be timely and costly projects depending on the scope. However, there are some basic areas you can cover to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Home Remodeling Wants vs. Needs

Take the time to sit down and list out what you want vs. what you need out of this project. Needs are the most crucial factors in your home remodel and can affect safety and/or functionality. Altering weight-bearing structures, fixing support beams, and even replacing flooring are considered necessities in most cases. Wants are the finishing touches of a renovation. A new shower door, adding fans to the porch, or even the right kitchen appliances can all fall under wants when it comes to a home renovation. Confirm with your contractor if you have doubts as to whether a change is needed or not.


Sometimes the right solution can be the easiest and cheapest thing to do. There are some DIY remodeling projects you can try yourself with just a brush, your hose, and a little elbow grease. For instance, clean your home’s exterior, new window coverings, hang wall art, freshen up your cabinets, update accents inside and outside the house, paint walls, or use removable wallpaper. Try doing some things yourself, and let us take care of the rest.


While home remodeling can be time-consuming and expensive, contractors can be your best friend when it comes to these types of projects. We rarely have time to meal prep for the week, let alone complete a simple project like replacing a shower curtain. That’s where our contractors come in to help get you on track. It is important to note a few things before working with a general contractor. Most contractors have subcontractors they work with, they want to work efficiently and welcome questions and they want your business. Still, few match the expertise and dedication to detail that Miami Tile brings to the table.

Project Scope

Establishing your wants and needs provides you an outline of your scope and a list of priorities. A home renovation project scope should state in detail the work that will and will not be done and the kind of materials to be used. Also, the scope outlines cleaning procedures from start to end and specific information on permitting. A good scope is complete and clear. This is important to avoid any future disputes that may arise between client and contractor.

When receiving a bid from a contractor, you should be prepared to ask the general contractor some questions. Be sure you know what is covered in the bid and what is not. Homeowners would be wise to ask contractors about other bids they receive to clearly define the scope and help identify which contractor best suits their project’s needs.

Budget and Timeline

Once you determine the project scope, it’s time to crunch some numbers. Arguably the most important piece to this puzzle, the budget is essentially going to determine what will happen. Firstly, you can revisit the list of your wants vs needs to get a better understanding of what it is you like about your home and what it is you want to change. Next, you could get an energy evaluation of your house to ensure you are saving as much energy and money as possible. Then, do some research and figure out a general idea of the cost to accomplish your goals. Lastly, you should determine what you can DIY, acquire the paperwork and finances, and make a timeline detailing every step of your journey from the labor done to the materials used.

Planning for Your Home Remodeling

When planning for the weeks before your home remodeling project, it may seem like a flurry of activities all at once. Take this time to select materials, finalize permits, and ensure finances and insurance are up to snuff. Miami Tile can handle these and all your home remodeling needs from start to finish. Some things to keep in mind when planning your project are:


What is your vision? Decide what features, styles, and materials you would like for the home.

Permits and Inspections

Call your city planning department and ask them what permits are needed for home remodeling.


Be sure to confirm with your general contractor who their subcontractors are and contact info.

Project Phases

Stick to the timeline and budget. If anything seems out of sorts, verify progress with a contractor. 

Punch List and Turnover

Go line by line to ensure everything you wanted and needed was done before project turnover.

When to Remodel Your Home

The best time to remodel your home is when you have planned and saved for it. Also, consider the seasons in your area and how the climate can affect your project. 

Home remodeling is a big decision and an even bigger deal to plan and execute. Miami Tile & Renovation understands the demands of the market and has the experience to help make your dream home a reality. Reach out today to learn how we can help you.

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