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The windows in your home can have a major impact on your maintenance and energy bills’ bottom line. Now, to find the best way to update, fix or replace your windows, you should start by assessing which solution will be the most energy-efficient one.

Windows are responsible for up to 30% of most homes’ heating and cooling energy use, according to energy.gov. So, with new windows costing upwards of $500 apiece, it’s safe to say that windows can affect your energy bills. Whether or not it hurts your wallet completely depends on how you approach it.

On the one hand, you can update or repair your windows two or three times every few years and save some money on the front end. Replacing your old windows and spending a little more initially can save you more on future bills.

Whether you are looking to save money on energy bills or you are going through new construction, the right windows make a home more cozy and efficient. Miami Tile’s expert contractors can assist you with repairing or replacing windows in your home.

Types of Windows and Operation

Windows come in all different kinds of styles to suit your home’s personal needs. Keep in mind what you will be using the window for, where it will be located, and how you want it to function. Some commonly known styles are single and double-hung, sliding, awnings, and skylights.

When determining the material of your windows you will need to consider the climate in your area and how that may impact the type of window you choose. Vinyl is a common and tough material used for new windows as is fiberglass, and aluminum.

Depending on how efficient you want your home to be, there are two main kinds of window glazing — insulated and low-emission coating. Insulation works to help cool in hotter climates and also trap heat in colder environments. Low-emitting coats reduce energy loss and control heat transfer. The four key points to pick a window are style, material, glazing, and installation. 

Window Repairing vs. Replacing

There are many things you can do to fix minor window damage. From cracked glass to slow or even stuck windows, these and other similar issues may be something you can handle yourself. Broken window panes or seals can be repaired with a few hundred bucks and some elbow grease. However, rotting wood, structural damage, and leaking are warning signs of potentially bigger problems. Have a professional contractor like Miami Tile come in to inspect and assess the next steps.

Fix or update existing windows

There are cost-efficient repairs one can make to their existing windows. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when doing so:

  1. Inspect caulk and weatherstrip
  2. Look for air leaks in existing windows
  3. Add exterior shading and/or protective window treatment

Replace with new windows

When replacing windows it is best to work with a retailer and installer that will ensure everything goes smoothly. Also, keep in mind that you have some choices to make:

  1. Frame and glazing type
  2. Spacers and gas fill
  3. Window operation

Chipped paint may be an easy fix, sure. But imagine painting over a water leak crack that happened to be dried out that day. Next thing you know, your living room floor is flooded by a passing cloud and some light showers. Granted that is a bit of an exaggeration, however, most windows will eventually need to be replaced for one reason or another. And when that time comes, be sure to contact a licensed and insured general contractor like miamitile.com.

Why and When to Change Windows

Why change your windows? Well, apart from decreasing maintenance costs and increasing resale value, your house should suit your lifestyle. There is nothing like walking into a light-filled space and still feeling the coolness of your home’s air conditioning blanketing the floor. It may be hot and humid outside but you will be cool as a cucumber with the right window style and material. That is what good windows can do for you.

Look out for these signs as it may be an indication to do something about your windows: drafts, condensation, malfunctioning mechanism, decaying frame, and visible damage. If you notice any one of these issues affecting your windows, consider it time to repair or replace them. Replacing windows can be costly but it will help reduce energy costs by helping your AC run more efficiently and keeping your house cooler or warmer as a result.

Fixing and replacing your windows can leave some areas of your home exposed. The best time to make changes would be in the warmer months, Spring to early Summer. This will protect you from the chilly drafts of Winter and help materials like vinyl and aluminum set in, and not crack.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the style and materials of your window there are different ways to clean it. It is good practice to clean windows at least once a month, depending on where you are located. Miami Tile provides a wide range of services to help keep your home clean and maintained.

You can make DIY cleaners out of the water, vinegar, and dish soap to facilitate the process. Sponge brushes are ideal for tough to clean spots. Caulking guns help seal up small drafts and save big time on energy. No paper towels? No problem. Use coffee filters as a temporary substitute. If you notice visible rot on wood frames, scrape out and fill in with some epoxy putty.

The bottom line is, your windows can help with your maintenance and energy bills. The right style, material, and operation of a window can increase your home’s comfort and efficiency.

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