Cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipes are an important part of any home’s plumbing system because they are drain pipes that transport wastewater away from the home. That means there could be big problems if a cast iron pipe gets cracked or broken. Unfortunately a broken or cracked cast iron pipe is a possibility because they are exposed to underground moisture that can corrode and deteriorate their integrity. South Florida homes that were built before the 1980s are especially vulnerable because cast iron pipes are meant to last for about forty to fifty years. The problems a broken cast iron pipe can cause are quite evident, which is why city officials in the Tampa Bay region of Florida proposed replacing all of the cast iron pipes of its homeowners.

But if cast iron pipe replacement is not an option for you, then you should get it repaired by MT Construction Group. We can perform a thorough cast iron pipe repair that leaves it functioning like it was just installed. We serve communities all across South Florida, including Miami Dade. A broken cast iron pipe can not only cause a very unpleasant experience for the people inside of the home, it can also be dangerous for the home as well. So if you discover that there is a leak in your cast iron piping, then contact us at MT Construction Group as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Cast Iron Pipes Break

Cast iron piping has a limited lifespan because it is prone to failure over time. The following are some the reasons why cast iron pipe repair may eventually become necessary:

Corrosion – Pipes carrying wastewater are more prone to corrosion than pipes carrying regular water because of the various chemicals present in wastewater. Sulfuric acid can appear in cast iron pipes either through the chemicals in drain cleaners or the interaction between the pipe and waste running through it. Since sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, it can eat away at the pipes over time, which can eventually lead to a break.

Uneven Surfaces – The process used to create cast iron pipes makes them very uneven in terms of thickness. That means a crack or break is likely to occur in the thinner sections of the pipe.

Salt Water Proximity – One of the reasons why cast iron pipe repair or replacement is more likely to occur in Florida is because of the state’s close proximity to sources of salt water. That is because salt water is very efficient when it comes to corroding pipes.

Problems Caused By Broken Cast Iron Pipes

A broken cast iron pipe can create a mess in many different ways including the following:

Black Water – Since these pipes carry wastewater away from the home, they can drain black water into your home if they break. Black water contains sewage, fungi, and bacteria, which not only gives off an unpleasant smell, but can cause health problems for the people in the home. The broken pipe can cause black water to back up into the sinks, showers, bathtubs in the home, creating a messy and harmful situation for everyone.

Pest Invasion – A broken cast iron pipe can create an entry point for pests like insects and vermin into your home. Aside from being a disgusting nuisance, these pests can also spread disease and infections.

Mold Growth – A cast iron pipe leak can spread moisture, which promotes the growth of mold in sensitive areas. Mold can be a serious health hazard if it is allowed to spread unchecked.

Signs That You Might Need a Cast Iron Pipe Repair

The following are clear signs that your cast iron pipe is broken and needs to be repaired as quickly as possible:

Leaks – If you detect a wastewater leak somewhere on your property, then that is a clear sign that the pipe needs to be repaired.

Slow Drains – A toilet or sink that drains slowly or gets backed up could be a sign that a pipe has broken and should be fixed before the situation gets worse.

Low Water Pressure – If the interior of the pipe is rusted or corroded, then that could cause the water flow to get restricted.

A Bad Smell – If a pipe is cracked or broken, then sewer gas could escape from it, creating an unpleasant odor in the immediate area.

Mold Growth – A cracked or broken pipe can cause leaks, which create moisture, which is the perfect breeding ground for mold. 

Unusual Lawn Growth – The sewage from a broken pipe is bad for humans, but it is great for plants since it is technically fertilizer. If you notice any unusually lush patches of grass on your lawn, then that is a sign that there might be a broken sewer pipe beneath it.

Pest or Rodent Infestation – Rats, roaches, and other unwelcome pests can enter the home through a cracked sewer pipe.

Puddle Formation – Puddles in the house or the yard are a sign that a pipe has broken.

Cracks in the Foundation – This only occurs if the pipe has been broken and leaking for a long time. That may cause the building to settle, create cracks in the foundation, or even a sinkhole.

Cast Iron Pipe Repair Techniques

There are many different methods that can be used to repair a cast iron pipe without having to replace the whole thing. The following are some of the more common techniques:

Spot Repairs – This involves replacing a small section of the broken pipe with a more durable PVC pipe. That means only a part of the pipe has to be repaired instead of the whole thing.

Pipe Lining – This process involves placing a new plastic pipe within the broken cast iron pipe. This can be used to replace the entire pipe or to repair a damaged part of the pipe.

Pipe Bursting – This method of cast iron pipe repair involves hydraulically pulling a pipe bursting head underground to break apart the old pipe and replace it with a brand new, longer-lasting pipe.

Rerouting the Pipe – If the pipe is too badly damaged, then it might be better to abandon it altogether and lay down a brand new, more durable pipe instead.

Contact MT Construction Group if Your Cast Iron Pipe Needs To Be Repaired

A broken cast iron pipe can cause severe problems to the home and yard, problems that can be very expensive to fix. That is why anyone in South Florida who notices signs of a broken pipe should contact us at MT Construction Group as soon as possible. We will assess the problem and offer you the best solution for your home. A broken pipe is not just an inconvenience, it can be a serious health hazard as well. So any Miami residents who believe that a cast iron pipe is broken under their home should contact us at MT Construction Group before the problem gets any worse.