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Plumbing services in Miami are something no one really thinks about it until they have a plumbing emergency that they cannot fix themselves. Many things could go wrong with the plumbing system, such as water leaks, broken pipes, clogged drains, and more. But there are also useful non-emergency services that a commercial plumbing company can provide. These include the installation of water heaters and filtration systems to make the home’s water supply more comfortable and safe.

Whether you need emergency plumbing services or simply wish to improve the water quality in your home, you should contact Miami Tile & Renovation for all of your plumbing needs. We offer a wide array of services for South Florida residents that range from cast iron pipe repair to leak detection and repair to drain cleaning to the installation of home water filtration systems and more. If you need a Miami plumbing service, then contact us and we will send a licensed plumber to help you out.

The Plumbing Services We Offer

Whether you need emergency plumbing services or an improvement to your home’s water quality, we can help you with the wide array of commercial plumbing services we have to offer.

Cast Iron Pipe Repair

Cast iron pipes are the pipes that carry wastewater away from the home. So if one of them gets cracked or broken, it could cause a serious plumbing emergency. The sewage that spills out is not just unpleasant to smell, it can be terrible for your health since it could spread all kinds of nasty bacteria. There is also the possibility that pests like roaches or rats could crawl through the broken pipe and into your home. 

A broken cast iron pipe could also damage the integrity of your home because it could create cracks in the foundation, and if the pipe was broken for a long enough time, it could even cause a sinkhole to appear. A broken cast iron pipe is a serious plumbing emergency, and it has affected South Florida before. Only older homes are susceptible to this since newer homes do not use that type of pipe. But if you live in an older home in Miami, then you could be susceptible to a cast iron pipe breakage. If that happens, then contact us and one of our licensed plumbers in Miami will examine the problem and perform the necessary repairs before the problem gets any worse.

Water Leak Detection

A water leak might seem like just an inconvenience, but it can cause some serious problems for homeowners. The most immediate problem is a sky-high water bill since a leak can waste a lot of water. But there are other potential problems as well, such as mold or mildew growth. They can be unsightly, but they can be dangerous to your health because mold spores are capable of causing severe respiratory problems. A water leak can also create ugly water stains on the walls and ceiling, but it can go beyond that to damage the walls and ceiling.

It can be difficult to detect the source of a leak, which is why you will need to contact a commercial plumbing service like Miami Tile & Renovation to help you. We can send you a plumber to identify where the leak is coming from and repair it for you. A water leak can cause a lot of problems besides an astronomical water bill, so contact us as soon as you notice the signs of a leak.

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain is one of the most common kinds of plumbing problems in Miami. It is also a plumbing problem that most homeowners believe that they can fix by themselves. While certain methods like drain cleaners and pipe snakes can be effective, there can be cases where a drain is too clogged to be fixed by store-bought solutions. When that happens, we can send a professional plumber to fix the blocked drain. A plumbing company will have more effective solutions that can clear the blockage quickly and efficiently. Even better, those solutions can not only remove the blockage, but they can also clean the pipes as well, which can decrease the chance that a clog might happen in the future.

Water Heater Installation

At Miami Tile & Renovation, we do not just provide emergency plumbing services, we can also install plumbing accessories that make the home more comfortable. A water heater is a necessity even in sunny South Florida since it can make a shower or bath more luxurious. It is also useful when it comes to cleaning and cooking as well. Our plumbing services include the installation of water heaters that can make the home more comfortable.

We can install both storage water heaters and tankless water heaters, each of which has its pros and cons. Storage water heaters can provide a steady supply of hot water even when the power goes out, plus it heats the water much quicker than a tankless heater. However, storage water heaters use more energy, take up more space, and have a lifespan of about eight to twelve years. Plus, if a storage water heater leaks, it could end up flooding the room.

Tankless water heaters are smaller and energy-efficient because they only heat the water when someone turns on the hot water tap. However, they do not work when the power goes out, are far more expensive than storage water heaters, and take longer to heat the water. Miami Tile & Renovation can send a plumber to consult with you about which kind of water heater is best for your home. Once you have made your decision, we can install the heater onto your plumbing system for you.

Water Filtration System

You might think that the water that enters your home is clean because it has passed through a water filtration facility, but the fact is that the water could get contaminated by the pipes that carry the water into your home. Fortunately, there are ways to purify the water in your plumbing system before it leaves your taps. You might be aware of filter systems that attach to the kitchen tap, but there are filtration systems that are for the whole home rather than just one faucet.

A water filtration system connected to the plumbing system has many benefits for homeowners: the fact that the water that enters your home is now guaranteed to be clean and pure is the main one, but it can save you money as well. Since your tap water is now clean and pure, you won’t have to buy bottled water anymore. Instead, you can just buy some reusable containers and fill them up from the tap. That also means you will be helping the environment since you won’t be contributing to plastic waste that pollutes the oceans.

A home water filtration system can help you save money on soap since the system acts as a water softener. Since hard water has a negative effect on the effectiveness of soap, you may end up using more of it if you do not have a home water filtration system. A home filtration system is also easier on your skin since it removes any chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. So if you want to attach a water filtration system to your plumbing system, then call us at Miami Tile & Renovation to hook it up for you.

Contact Miami Tile & Renovation For All Your Plumbing Needs

As you can see, there is a lot that Miami Tile & Renovation can do for you when it comes to your plumbing system. We can perform repairs to cast iron pipes to prevent them from spreading sewage beneath the property of Miami homeowners. We can find and repair leaks to prevent homeowners from getting high water bills, stop the growth of mold and mildew, and more. We can even perform repairs on blocked drains to clear them up and make them flow like they are brand new.

We can also attach accessories to the plumbing systems of Miami homes to make them more comfortable for their residents. Those improvements include water heaters that provide warm and hot water whenever people want it and water filtration systems that clean and purify the water that comes into the home. 

So no matter your plumbing needs, Miami Tile & Renovation can perform them for you. So call us whether you have a plumbing emergency or you want to improve your plumbing system. We are ready to serve you.