Nov 30, 2018

Top 5 Mistakes You Might Be Doing About Bathroom Tile Installation

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When was the last time you’ve regretted a particular decision? It is definitely hard to avoid having regrets since it is natural to be confused when there are so many options or factors that may cause such aggravating feeling, but still, people strive to determine the right choice.

Same goes when you’re planning to build your dream house. Purposely you want to prevent yourself from picking or buying the wrong choice that may upset your vision or what you deem to be the ideal or best for your home. That is why, to beautify your sweet haven, various renovation ideas are carefully or meticulously planned.

And among other parts of the house, the bathroom is a section which most people took quite a big deal of time weighing every option to come up with the right and obviously the best choice!

What to Avoid When It Comes to Bathroom Installation?

When you’re ready to plan and have a bathroom tile installation, how confident are you in terms of decision-making skills? Reading this blog is already obvious proof that you want to make it right.  So let us help you come up with the best choice for the tiles of your bathroom and prevent yourself from making these top and common bathroom tile installation mistakes!

 Incorrect Order of Things (in terms of deciding about Designs over Tile Materials)

Typically, people choose their bathroom tiles based on the color and designs or tile pattern rather than checking first the actual materials of a bathroom tile.  

Don’t be like most people; because you’ll be mistakenly deciding on things in an incorrect order. The first thing you should do is pick your “must-have” bathroom tile while considering the theme you want. Your starting point is appointing yourself to know the tile materials used for the bathroom.

The common types are ceramic tile, glass tile, stone tile or porcelain bathroom tile. Though we would like to recommend Ceramic and Porcelain tiles as the top choices among the list. Getting an expert’s advice on the bathroom tile materials can also be a great advantage.

Once you get to decide the tile material, you can then proceed in choosing the design aspect of your tile which pertains to color and the shape or patterns.

Underestimating the Need to Calculate the Overall Space.

Pay attention to your bathroom layout. Much like any other room, you can maximize the space of your bathroom – whether it is big or small, there is a way to make it exude a beautiful aura by truly understanding the need to calculate your overall space in combination with the works of bathroom tile installation.

With the varying textures and color palettes of bathroom tiles, you can create a “show stopper” factor to your bathroom! For example, rectangular or diagonal tile patterns can make a small bathroom look bigger. You don’t have to splurge in extending your bathroom every time you want to renovate the look because by playing with the tile patterns and tile layout you can make it beautiful, brand-new looking plus add a touch of your personality!

 Never Ignore the Fixtures.

Just because you want to have a sink, a bathtub, and other fixtures, you can’t easily put them all in together – they’ll just look cramped and overcrowded. Remember to restrain yourself from impulsive-buying and buy only the ones that really go well with your bathroom theme.

The choice and replacement of your bathroom fixtures are very important because they’ll affect the entire bathroom.

 Maintenance and Comfort Should Also Be Considered.

There are particular tiles that are considered virtually maintenance free like porcelain and ceramic tiles. Keep in mind that when you’ve decided for a bathroom tile or have a bathroom tile installation, take maintenance and your comfort into consideration.

Understandably, some people don’t like to clean so we would recommend using the porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles. Glass tiles are a pretty good choice for bathroom wall or as an accent tile because they are quite slippery. However, tiles made from natural stones tend to hold on to dirt and grime so they require more maintenance.

Seeking the Best Bathroom Tile Installation Service Provider.

Lastly, the worst or most grave mistake a person can possibly make is not seeking the best help there is when it comes to bathroom tile installation. After all, your desire to achieve your dream house and meticulously renovate your bathroom. Well, finding the best service provider is a priority both for a residential and commercial setting.

So choose MT Construction Group, the #1 Bathroom Tile Installation Service which offers unparalleled workmanship and honest service in the most affordable rates!

Knowing what to avoid and choice would surely come in handy because you’ll not simply narrow down your choices. But more importantly, be able to determine the right bathroom tile and the Bathroom Tile Installation Company you can trust!

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