Facts Miami Florida

Facts Miami Florida

Miami Florida


Miami is one of the major port cities on the Atlantic Coast. It is found at the southern portion of Florida. In general, it is in the Southeast of the United States of America. The city is the seat of the larger Miami-Dade County. It is the center of the Miami Metropolitan Area.

The city can be locate on a broad plain. It is found between Florida Everglades and Biscayne Bay. These lines Miami in the west and east respectively. In the north is Florida Bay up to Lake Okeechobee. It is elevated to about 12 meters and at 1.8 meters above sea level for the coastline neighborhoods.


Records say that it was the Spaniards who first found Miami. This was in the 16th century. They found the Tequesta Indians residing therein. The name Miami came from the word Mayaimi. This literally means big water. History books suggest that the body of water referred to is the Lake Okeechobee. For failure to subdue the Indians, the Spaniards established a mission and consequently ceded the land to Great Britain around 1763. Spain then reacquired this from the former in 1783. By 1821, Florida was acquired by the United States from Spain. The early settlers of contemporary times moved in, one which is Julia D. Tuttle, the so-called Mother of Miami.

Miami is considered to be the 42nd populous area in the United States. The population of the Miami metropolitan area is about 5.5 million. This is top 7 in population in the USA.

The city has a tropical climate. There is drier season during the winter. January is a cooler month during winter. The cool air settles as the cold front passes. Thus, there is scant rainfall in the entire season. The rainy season starts in May. This ends in the middle of October. There is higher humidity during this season with thunderstorms developed in the Atlantic Ocean. There is a hurricane season usually starting from June 1 to November 30.


The Mayor-commissioner system is used by the City of Miami. There is a city Commission composed of five commissioners. The elections come from the member districts. This is considered as the governing body of Miami. The powers include passing ordinances. It is also within their power to adopt regulations and execute responsibilities found in the City’s charter. The mayor is elected through popular election. Then, a city manager is appointed by the Mayor. The latter along with the commissioners are tasked with overseeing the districts.


Miami boasts of its good educational system. It is known for having quality universities and higher education systems in the region. In Coral Gables, lies the University of Miami which was established in 1925. There are other universities namely, Barry University, Miami Dade Community College as well as Florida International University. Miami is also known for being the leading city for Marine studies.


Miami ranks in the top in terms of public health. The city has integrated and community-based health program for the populace. The main forerunners of public health are the Florida Department of Health based in the Miami-Dade County. This helps in developing and implementing health programs to the residents. The main focus is on disease control and prevention.



There are a lot of main attractions in the city. Some of the popular museums include the Frost Art Museum and Museum of Science. There is also a museum for sea creatures, the Miami Sea aquarium, to name a few. One of the popular tourist destinations is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens founded in 1916.

Food & Cuisine

Diversity is the heart of Miami’s restaurant scene. You can see that the Caribbean culture has a great influence on the food. There are also a lot of Latin American restaurants in the metro. This is what is called as the Floribbean cuisine. This is a fusion of American and Caribbean flavors.


Latin Americans are in love with the coastal area of Miami. This is the main reason why they are investing millions of dollars in real estate and development in the city. With the budding construction and property business, you can hire a lot of contractors and professionals to do the building for you. Miami is also the center for property and home improvement in Florida. You can check out real estate professionals on this site. There is also a list of contractors to choose from in case you decide to invest in a real estate in Miami.

Fun and Amusement

Being a coastal area, there are a lot of things that you can do in the water. You can enjoy scuba diving and windsurfing. Sports fishing is also very popular during the summer season. Aside from these, other outdoor activities include sailing regattas as well as horse and greyhound racing. Jai alai is also a favorite pastime.

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