Nov 15, 2017

Personalized and affordable Full Bathroom Remodel

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A bathroom is a haven, a calming and tranquil place where one spends good moments enjoying long soaks in the tub after tiresome day’s tasks. It covers the smallest square footage compared to any other room in a home. However, it significantly heightens the overall value of a home. Therefore, homeowners should consider investing in many luxurious amenities and fixtures as possible for their bathrooms. Studies have shown that remodeling a bathroom can bring 80-90% return on investment should one decide to sell their home. Bathroom remodeling, therefore, is a worthwhile investment that homeowners should consider as it is one of the most important selling points of a home. MT Construction Group is a full-service bathroom remodeling company specializing in the installation of all types of flooring options.

Whether it is a partial or full bathroom remodeling, we can provide customized solutions to meet the needs of every homeowner. We are aware that everyone wants to be different when it comes to bath flooring but sometimes deciding the type of flooring to use can be very overwhelming. Our flooring options come in a variety of colors, styles and price ranges. We can help homeowners to choose the right flooring options suitable for their bathroom floors. We cater to the needs of every client right from hardwood flooring to tiled bathroom floors.

For homes that already have hardwood floor, we can provide custom staining and sanding to cover stains, water damages, and other issues. Such floors also need durable finishing, and decent finishing option is recommended. The most popular finishes include semi-gloss, gloss and satin finishes. Others may opt for polyurethane coating which is available in oil and water base options. Hardwood floors need not only to have genuine looks but should be made using the latest printing and scanning technologies.

Flooring Options

We also have multiple tile flooring options for homeowners to choose. We can install all popular and latest tile flooring options. Whether it is a hexagonal tile flooring, slate tile flooring, herringbone tile flooring, or any other vintage bathroom flooring option. Some may want to maintain design continuity throughout their homes by matching the flooring option of their bathrooms with other elements of their homes. We are flexible, and our services are customizable.

All bathroom tiles that we install are proven to stand up to wet bathroom conditions. Additionally, they should not only look good but should be easy to clean and maintain. We, therefore, we consider factors such as friction coefficient, breaking strength, scratch hardness, abrasion, chemical resistance and moisture absorption. Bathroom shower tiles need not be dull and should handle multiple uses daily.

Other homeowners may want to extend tile installation to their bathroom walls. A tiled bathroom wall not only makes it more water-resistant but also gives it a stunning design statement. For a continuous design, what goes on the floor should too go on to the walls. We recommend and help homeowners choose the right tile and pattern for their bathroom walls and floors.

Bathroom backsplash tiles are other necessary elements that can keep water damage at bay. However, it should not just be functional but also look aesthetically appealing. Anything from mosaic to traditional tile option can work here as it is a personal choice. Natural stone, metallic or glass are other options to consider. A tiled backsplash adds a splash of color. It gives a bathroom a great finish without necessarily overwhelming the entire room. Contact us today at MT Construction Group and Renovation for a custom full bathroom remodeling project.

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