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When you dream of the perfect backyard for your home in Davie, FL, you have a beautiful pool and backyard design in mind. Many homeowners like you have trusted MT Construction Group to bring their dream to life, making them the pool and backyard contractor of choice in the area. We specialize in building and remodeling pools and backyards, and our designers offer comprehensive design plans with detailed estimates, which we specifically plan to fit your needs. Whether you want a pool that includes a waterfall, a fountain, other water features, unique lighting options, tanning and sun shelves, or colored quartz interior finishes, we aim to please. We will work with you to incorporate every one of your ideas into the final design.

Creating a Backyard Oasis

Working with the expert backyard and pool builders from MT Construction Group means that you will never have to settle with just having any pool because we will make sure that you end up precisely with the pool of your dreams. No matter the size, shape, or function you envision for your pool, whether you just want to have a place for family fun or are training for a competition and need a lap pool, we will create the oasis that will provide your family and guests hours of enjoyment for years to come.

Working with Your Yard

The backyard and pool builders from MT Construction Group means you have selected a team of professional, reliable, and dependable contractors that allow you to focus on the optimal design. This is because we are not just experts at building pools, we also accept the toughest challenges and create unforgettable spaces, even if your yard is unusually configured, has many trees, is on a slope, or the project needs to meet special guidelines marked by a homeowner’s association.

Through the years, we have developed ways to use all modern pool building technology and many other special techniques that have allowed us to build beautiful pools in locations that may previously have deemed impossible. And, of course, an amazing pool needs to be surrounded by equally fabulous landscaping and backyard design, which we can easily satisfy thanks to our broad experience in comprehensive backyard design.

If you need to look at some previous pools we have designed and built, we are more than happy to share with you our extensive portfolio of previous successes. Some might even serve as inspiration for your own backyard design. Rest assured that when you work with the team at MT Construction Group, you are getting the full package of experience, design prowess, and expertise.

Pool Building

Nothing gives us more pleasure than hearing our past clients boast to their friends that their splendid pool and backyard were designed by the expert team of MT Construction Group. That is why, if you have been thinking about finally tackling that uninspiring backyard, it’s time to contact us and share your vision.

Our pool builders in Davie, FL, know every custom pool we create means quality because we never build anything but best in class, and we apply those exacting standards to every single project we have done to date. We take pride in our craftsmanship and treat every project as if it was our own.

Before the digging starts, we work closely with you to develop a way to bring your vision to life and design the perfect plan for your yard, including pool building and backyard design to complete your very own version of paradise.

From the moment our crew shows up to begin with the excavation to the day you enjoy your first swim in your very own turquoise waters, and for years to come, our team will have created your very own backyard bliss. That is because our attention to the full backyard experience will make your pool the perfect centerpiece to a full backyard of enjoyment. With the expertise and dedication of our pool builders in Davie, FL, your yard will be transformed into a true work of art.

Backyard Design Styles

Thinking about adding extras to your backyard project means you can let your imagination flow freely and add custom fire pits, a hot tub, a sun deck, and any other feature you have been dreaming about for years. Whatever you add will be made to fit with an overall backyard design style to make the place cohesive and inviting.

Before selecting the perfect backyard design style, you must ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the area mostly shady, or does it receive the rays of the sun with open arms?
  • Do you have specific activities in mind for your backyard?
  • Are you designing this backyard for you, for your kids, or for the grandkids?
  • Are you a gifted gardener, or do you want low-maintenance plants and vegetation?
  • Which landscape design better complements your home and reflects your lifestyle?

Here are some of the most common backyard design styles to give you some inspiration:

Oriental Landscape

Incorporating water, rocks, and evergreens, oriental gardens also include various plants to create a distinctive look.

English Garden

Making use of shrubs and perennials, an arbor, or a birth bath, English gardens are a wonderful complement to many homes.

Formal Landscape

Following symmetrical patterns, precise geometrical figures, and tidy, well-pruned plants, this landscape style will call for a great deal of maintenance.

Butterfly Gardens

When butterflies and birds become an addition to your garden, it means you have provided them with their favorite food sources that are not only beautiful to look at but attractive for many species.

Organic Gardens

If you are like many people and have decided you do not want to use harmful chemicals and would rather grow plants in an organic way, you must incorporate natural ways to control pests and fertilize the greenery surrounding your home. At MT Construction Group, our pool builders in Davie, FL, will gladly work with you to develop an organic garden that will surely exceed your expectations.

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