Floor Installation Miami

Who are we?

At first, before Miami Tile & Renovation could properly call itself a company, it was merely a seed. And from that seed blossomed a vision, one that brought people visions to life.

Established in 2016, our mission was clear. We would turn any concept into your reality, while keeping affordability and appearance in mind.

With our expansive knowledge and expertise of tile installation, kitchen/bathroom remodeling and home restoration. We can rejuvenate life into what common folk or even specialist in this industry  would deem as dead.

How we do it?

Our highly trained and professional teamĀ  has over two decades of experience in home remodeling and we are committed to not only executing your vision grandly, completing your project as timely as possible

Miami Tile & Renovation focuses on quality workmanship, superior knowledge and stellar customer service. We provide the best material when it comes to renovating your house and we abide by professional standards.