Feb 6, 2018

Chicago Brick Installation Tips: How to Pick Brick Veneer for New Cons

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Are you planning to build a new house? If yes, then it’s important for you to ensure that you have hired a reputable Chicago brick installation firm and picked suitable brick veneers for the walls of your new home. If you are wondering why we are recommending veneers instead of solid bricks, here are some reasons:

The veneers are affordable and easier to install compared to solid bricks. The support system and foundation required by veneers are relatively simple. In spite of being cheaper brick veneers score as impressively as solid bricks when it comes to features as durability and ability to withstand fire Veneers help in keeping moisture away from the home

Below are some factors you must consider when shopping for brick veneer.


It would be wise for you to sacrifice coverage area for ensuring veneer scores in departments like beauty and quality.


If it’s extensive the ideal way of constructing it would be by breaking it up into multiple sections. It can sport a combination of a vertical layer of brick, stone, or bricks boasting different texture and color. Adding patterns to offset walls boasting exterior or interior corners would also be a great idea if you are looking to give your home a compact look.

If you want to your home to stand out, go for an offset of bricks (bricks that would protrude from the walls either randomly or in patterns).


When building a new home and picking brick veneer for the same it’s extremely important to check how well it fits into the community. If you’re living in an area with traditionally styled houses, you should opt for bricks of darker red shades; in addition, the bricks should also be more textured. The construction may also include cautious use of sandstone, granite, or fieldstone. Modern houses, on the other hand, should ideally opt for neutral shades, blushes, or whites; the bricks used for such projects should have a smooth to glazed texture.

Profile, size, and weight

The market currently houses bricks of a wide variety of profiles and sizes. You will get everything from low profile bricks sporting subtle wavy textures to high profile ones boasting more intricate details.

High-quality veneers are usually slim and are pretty light in weight, which makes handling them an absolute cakewalk for the workers. This, in turn, reduces the time required for installation significantly.

Whatever might be the type of brick veneer you pick, it’s extremely important that they get installed by masons with years of experience. This makes picking a well-known Chicago brick installation company extremely important. A top firm offering brick installation services will surely be represented by masons who know how exactly one should handle various kinds of veneers. Ideally, the firm you pick should also be a material supplier. This would increase your chances of getting the job done by masons who have experience of managing the particular kind of veneer picked by you.

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